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Head Trainer

Benjamin Tan Yong Wei

8+ years experience in coaching and nutrition. Graduated with an advanced diploma in Food Science, Exercise Prescription and Nutrition. Clientele spans widely local and international Social Media Influencers, media celebrities, working adults, the elderly as well as children. Coached at several rock-climbing gyms like Climb Asia, Ground Up Climbing and Verticlimb Singapore. Passionate about various sports like badminton, rock-climbing, kayaking, gymnastics and adventure racing. Specialises in muscle up, back & front lever dragon flag, human flag, basic handstand, post and pre-rehabilitation, all-age strength & conditioning
(including elderly) masterclasses and basic nutrition advice.


- Benjamin Tan





Calisthenics Trainer



Experienced in coaching adults group classes Calisthenics at The District Training ever since the founding stage of the District Training. An athlete who has 3 years of experience practising Calisthenics and is soon making a debut in Calisthenics competitions. Specialises in handstand, basic strength and conditioning classes.



- Sakthivel


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Yoga Trainer

Dory, Hui Qi

Yoga Alliance RYT200 registered yoga teacher. Trained in traditional Hatha Yoga, focusing on alignment and sequencing with specialization in Hatha flow and stretching. Experienced in coaching 1-1 personal coaching and group yoga classes. Developed her knowledge of yoga through her own personal practice over the past 6 years and is now very passionate about sharing her experiences with others. Hopes to benefit and inspire people through fun classes, bringing health and happiness to people.

"Perfecting the imperfections"

- Dory, Hui Qi




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Calisthenics Trainer



Experienced in coaching teenagers and adults in beginner Calisthenics Street Workout ever since the founding stage of The District Training. As a team athlete of The District Training, he is preparing to make his debut competing in the Calisthenics competition soon. Specialise in basic strength and conditioning classes.



- Rayyan


Get in touch, let's have a coffee together & talk about your story

Been practising Calisthenics for years? If you have the confidence and the passion to coach and guide our students in learning Calisthenics, but do not have the experience in coaching. We are here to give you an opportunity to grow and learn together with us.


Come visit our outdoor fitness corner and get on job training opportunity

We will judge base on your character (eg. patience, confidence level), skill and knowledge (eg. the different aspects of fitness level & the different types of progressions of Calisthenics exercises) towards Calisthenics and how you conduct your training (eg. clear and simple instructions) for students to learn from you. Don't be afraid to arrange an interview with us because regardless of the outcome we will still hope to see whether there is an opportunity for us to work together or not. Therefore, we hope this will be a stepping stone for you to grow as a coach to be.

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