The greater flexible work arrangements of today means many of us can enjoy the convenience of a home office, freeing up precious preparation and commute-in-crush-hour time. Why not take this opportunity to ease into a new workout routine as well? You don’t need a fancy gym to stay active, healthy and happy. Here’s how you can take the most popular indoor gym workouts outdoors, and to a space most convenient to you! 


Introduction to Calisthenics 

Calisthenics is a strength workout that uses minimal equipment, making it one of the most convenient ways to build a stronger core, arms, back or legs. Beginner exercises include squats, planks and lunges – you can start with 3 sets of 3-15 repetitions each or 9 – 40 second isolation holds once a week after work or during lunchtime. You’ll feel the difference – greater power to your normal daily activities like walking or climbing the stairs and thank yourself for it.   

These simple calisthenics sets can be done at home or an ActiveSG gym nearby, or even outdoor areas like Bukit Batok Sky Peak Yoga & Calisthenics Park, where there’s already a decent setup for bodyweight exercises. If you’re looking to get more out of each workout, our professional trainers at The District Training can also help improve your workout techniques, and tailor a program for your needs to achieve your fitness goals.  



Spinning started out as a form of indoor training for endurance cyclists and heart-pounding K-pop spin studios have popped up all over the island to cater to demand. Work out the same group of muscles and  save on commute time by getting yourself a foldable bike to commute to work or errands once or twice a week. 

If you prefer the idea of a stationary spin, you can also try out Playpoint’s green outdoor fitness area at Bukit Panjang Ring Rd, where you can spin and charge your phone at the same time. That means you can power the same spinning class vibes with upbeat music without losing all your phone juice.



High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a multi-level workout that is suitable for all ages. We know it may be intimidating to do it for the first time, so why not join a free class using Health Promotion Board’s Healthy 365 app? Their events section is filled with daily HIIT classes (among many other classes) that you can join, and your first few sessions can be coach-led. Even if all you have is five minutes to spare every morning, you can squeeze in a Tabata routine to energize the start of your day. 

Each HIIT workout has a different set of movements (push-ups, mountain climbers and so on) and learning the correct engagement of muscle groups for different exercises will give you greater returns to your workout. Join our beginner classes at The District Training to learn how to avoid common mistakes made during HIIT. 


Introduction to Hatha Yoga

You know that backache that is almost creaking out loud as you finally get up from your work chair? That’s your body saying it’s time to get stretching and moving. Our Hatha Yoga classes cover the fundamentals of yoga, from breathing to basic postures that help combat the tightness in our muscles that result from an entire day of sitting. Greater mobility mitigates injuries, giving you a better range of motions for your day to day activities. Basic yoga poses like Boat Pose and Warrior Poses also help you build core strength, which leads to improved posture over time. 

There’s no pre-requisite to taking up yoga – all you need is yourself, a mat and some stretchy clothes.    


Just a Brisk Walk

While this is not a popular workout class of any sort, a brisk walk after a meal or work does wonders for your health over time. The idea of 10, 000 steps a day is backed by numerous research studies. One study by PLOS One, which monitored 3,000 Australians, showed that a sedentary person who increased his or her steps from 1,000 to 10,000 per day had a 46% lower mortality risk. Singapore has some well-designed park connectors like the lush green Lornie Nature Corridor to the Western Adventure loop to explore, and a short brisk walk is the easiest way to kick start an active lifestyle. 


Inspired to try out a new exercise routine yet? Approach any of our friendly trainers at The District Training  to find out more about available classes, or to schedule a dedicated personal training session. Achieving a work-life-fitness balance will keep you mentally and physically strong for a happier, healthier you! 


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