A personal trainer can:

  • Customize a diet of lean meats and slow carbs based on your bodyweight for the most effective results
  • Create a customized workout plan for your skill level, existing injuries and target muscle imbalances
  • Support, encourage, and be a workout buddy while ensuring good form
  • Break your big goals down into every moves to make it achievable


If you’ve hit a plateau in your weight loss goals or don’t see any changes despite running three times a week, perhaps it’s time to stop going at it alone. The sad news is that you can’t outrun a bad diet – so binging after a cardio session is not really what you want to do.  Even for something as basic as hydration, many of us are not drinking enough. Studies show that inadequate hydration is associated with higher BMI and 1 in 10 medical consultations can be attributed to not enough H2O intake

What can a personal trainer do for you? Here’s how a fitness trainer can help you lose weight more effectively, and keep that weight off for good:


A personal trainer can help fix your diet

Image: Garlic butter baked salmon from EatWell

There’s no lack of myths surrounding diets. From misconceptions like all calories are equal or that fat makes you fat, finding the ideal protein and slow carb meal to eat at the right time, and having the time to prep all that can be daunting. Personal trainers can help provide easy-to-follow meal plans with readily available local ingredients or recommend the most suitable meal plan deliveries like Nutrition Kitchen or Yummy Bros for busy office warriors. 

A simple first change can be breakfast. According to the New York Times Bestseller 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferris, having your first, protein-rich meal within an hour of waking is crucial to fat-loss, and keeping it simple by eating the same meals over and over again makes your plan easier to stick to. 

At The District Training, we provide our clients with simple and delicious meal plans made up of lean proteins and slow carbs that they can prepare ahead of time. We customize each nutritional plan to your current bodyweight and adjust it as you progress for the best possible results. 


Get a customized workout plan for your skill level

Image: Group callisthenic session at The District Training

By following The District Training’s workout plan, 24-year old Cherie Lim went from doing knee-assisted push ups to mastering the military pushup within the span of a month. Our trainers also work with intermediate to advanced clients like Ron, who went from doing archer bent pull-ups with 25 kg resistance bands to not needing them for the full range of motion within 9 months. 

“As some of the intermediate movement caused him to have some elbow strain, we had to re-adjust the program to suit him better,” says head trainer Benjamin Tan about his sessions with Ron. “And as a working adult, he had difficulty juggling his emotions and motivation to stay consistent in his training too. However, we are really proud to share this milestone of him achieving the archer pull-ups even though we know that 1 year ago when he first came to us, he was only eager to master the muscle-ups only.” 

A good customized workout plan created by a personal trainer takes into account your weaknesses, muscle imbalances, pre-existing injuries and fitness goals. Our trainers at The District Training works with a large range of clients including busy office workers to stay-at-home mums. We strive to accommodate all our client’s schedules and provide every individual with a realistic fitness plan.

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Provide accountability and motivation

When it comes to changing attitudes towards working out, having a personal trainer helps. 57% of volunteers in a study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine were more motivated to exercise when assigned a personal trainer compared to without. 

Image: Calisthenics Trainer Sakthivel overseeing class participants’ form

A good personal trainer monitors your progress, makes sure you show up for exercise sessions and can also be your workout buddy for partner workouts. They can help spot you for more difficult calisthenic moves, and ensure that your workouts are performed with the right form to minimize injury. 

At The District Training, we believe in forging a close-knit community that supports one another and that growth is not just physical, but also mental. Here’s what Benedict Koh, a client, has to say about his training session with us: “The team of coaches is involved and dedicated to ensuring that the exercises are done with the correct form while mixing things up now and then to prevent working out from being a chore.” 


A personal trainer offers attainable challenges for constant improvement

Think your routine is boring? A personal trainer can offer the fresh perspective you need to change up your workout to get to your goals even quicker. Common mistakes made when setting fitness goals include trying to cram too much in at a time. A good personal trainer breaks your fitness aspirations down into small, achievable targets and can adjust your regime along the way according to your performance. 

Another oversight is that most people don’t incorporate enough strength training for fat loss. According to a recent study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, only 30% of adults in the USA met the strengthening exercise recommendations


Fast-track your weight loss with bodyweight exercises with personal sessions at The District Training. We believe workouts shouldn’t be confined to just the gym and can provide both home and outdoor-based workout sessions for effective weight loss. 

Now, who said you don’t need a PT to slim down again?

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